Backup camera is gaining rapid popularity among car owners, due in part to the large-scale, production-line manufacturing of affordable cars, and backup camera play a big role in ensuring backing-up safety.

There are two main functions of the installation of backup camera, one is broaden the range of visibility and avoid the blind spot, another is driving record, which can be used for dealing with traffic accident. Generally, one meter or two in front and behind of the car is the blind area of drivers, thus the existence of potential risk is inevitable, side-swiping or rear-ending are the mostly happened accident in big cities with big traffic flow, and this is why a backup camera system is needed for drivers to judge accurately the position of car and avoid accident, which is especially useful in crowded parking lot and bad-lighted place, and somewhere with child or pet less than three feet tall.

The advances in backup camera system make up for the deficiency of general reverse sensors, it can give a more direct view, which integrate digital display, voice prompt, and night vision, all the situations in the back of a car are fully displayed in the viewing screen, no matter is the low barrier or the chuckholes on the road can be seen clearly, however the tradition reverse sensors can't do this.

The quality of a backup camera can give a direct influence of the image, as well as the recognition degree of car owners, the shell, lens, and built-in MIC are the major consideration in choosing a backup camera, Haloview backup camera provide you full new product highlights:
1. Double antennas and double reception
2. Perfect color recovering with clear and bright picture
3. Day and night vision automatic switching
4. IP69 water resistance, fully immersion is ok

Multiple upgrades are made by Haloview to make the backup camera system more multifunctional, you should seriously consider get a backup camera to your car, and here we can give you a fully installation guide.