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Haloview provide the best blind spot solution for tractor


What are the blind spots in my vehicle:

1. Front blind spot.

The front blind spot is where the front of the hood that is not visible. There are several factors that contribute to the front blind spot: the vehicle's  appearance, the height of the seat, the length of the vehicle's head, and the height of the driver. If you do not control the distance of the front blind area very well, it is very easy to have a rear-end incident.

2. Back blind spot.

Thers is about 30 degrees blind spot outside the rear door.

3. Rearview mirror blind spot.

Only relying on the rear-view mirror can not see the situation around the the whole vehicle when turning.

4. A, B column blind area on both sides of the windshield.

5. The blind spot between the front and rear wheels. For example, when you are turning, you feel that you can pass, but the rear wheel is stuck. This is the blind spot caused by the difference between the front and rear wheels.

6. The blind spot of light: The opponent's vehicle opens a high beam will cause a blind spot of sight. When driving out of the tunnel, the light suddenly becomes bright, leading to black eyes, and a short-term visual blind spot will appear.

7. Detour road blind spot: driving on the mountain road will be obscure because of the rugged terrain.

8. Overtaking blind spot: When the front vehicle suddenly decelerates, it will easily collide.


Benefits of installation haloview backup camera system on a tractor:

1. Install a haloview camera on the tractor to better see the work behind the vehicle.

2. Avoid collisions while driving and at the same time look back.

3. haloview's product quality is better than most backup cameras on the market. But the price is very affordable.

Haloview is committed to providing an awesome blind spot solutions with a good reputation and make sure every driver can afford.

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4. Whether it is pre-sale or post-sale, you can always contact haloview's award-winning support team. All service personnel have professional product training. Our R&D department and customer service center are only separated by a wall. If you have a very professional problem, our R&D engineers will response immediately.


Haloview backup camera system for tractor