Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the technical difference between MC7108, MC7109, and MC7109P?

    The MC7108 screen brightness is 550 cd/m², while the MC7109 series is 900 cd/m². The MC7109P comes with a semicircle mounting kit, which is compatible with Furrion pre-wired bracket mounting holes and you can install the camera without drilling holes if using the circle magnet M3

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  2. How to Use the Pairing Cable?

    To pair more easily, recommend pairing before installation. We configured the power splitter cable in kit like MC7108 and etc, if you own the splitter cable, as the picture shows, you could try to power the camera and monitor by using the cable inside the cab.  One port is for connecting the camera, one port is for connecting the monitor.

    How to Pair BT7 Camera Using the Y Cable

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  3. What if no image after installation?
    Will IR lights on the camera be lighted on after covering the sensor by using opaque stuff like black cloth and etc? 1) If yes, it means the camera is powered successfully. 2) If not, please check whether it is the polarity issue( positive and negative of the camera is connected reversely?) Also, please check whether it is the PWM issue? if yes, you could try Haloview power booster BST2.
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