Combine Harvester blind zone

Where is the Blind Zone on a Combine

Blind zones exist in the Combine work environment because of the shapes and sizes of Combines, not only immediately behind the vehicle, but also alongside and immediately in front of it, without suitable visibility aids fitted, these blind areas could and often does lead to a serious incident. Haloview Camera System is an ideal solution that helps the Combine operator become aware of his surrounding.

Combine Solution

We have durable rearview camera systems that enhance Combine safety and increase productivity.

  • The front camera provides visibility at the front of the Combine.
  • The 1T4R camera allows up to 4 drivers to see the height of the crop in the load of the truck.
  • The monitor can be mounted on the dash or windshield with the suction cup.
  • With the assist of the Combine cameras, the Combine operator will in the safe while performing agricultural tasks.

    Combine Backup Camera Solution

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