Snow Plow blind zone

Where is the Blind Zone on a Snow Plow

Snow Plow is a piece of powerful equipment often used on construction projects, it can be one of the most dangerous machines in the construction workplace. Understanding the blind zones of Snow Plow can help you prevent collisions and save lives. As you can see in the diagram of Snow Plow blind zone, the largest blind spots are usually located on both sides and the front/rear of the Snow Plow. To make sure the operator has clear driver visibility, it's quite clear that backup cameras are important on a Snow Plow.

Snow Plow Solution

Haloview is a high-end brand of backup camera system provider dedicated to strengthening vehicle surveillance and safety. Our products are designed to enhance vehicle security through wide field-of-view cameras that are durable and waterproof.

  • The front camera provides visibility at the front of the Snow Plow.
  • Add side cameras for more viewing fields makes changing lanes safer.
  • The rear camera allows you to see the area immediately behind the Snow Plow and helps you backup confidently.
  • The monitor can be mounted on the dash or windshield with the suction cup.
  • Snow Plow Backup Camera Solution

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