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Please DO pair the monitor to the camera before installing the camera. After the camera enters low power state, the infrared light does not work in a dark environment.

Method 1: Press SEL to choose the channel you want to pair,(for example CAM 1) , press OK till it show”pairing start”, use a pin to poke the”pair” buttun on the back of the camera within 30 seconds, then channel 1 done. Then press SEL to switch to CAM2, then press OK for 3 senconds to enter pairing status, then power the second camera. Use the same way to pair the CAM3/ CAM4. If CAM1 has image, then not need to pair. Press SEL, switch to CAM2 to pair. If the default channel is not CAM1,then need to disconnect the camera and power the camera again for pairing.

Method 2:Press OK for 3 seconds to enter Pairing status, pow off the camea and power it on again.

Mounting Position:

We suggest installing the product in the back of your vehicle and in areas where maximum blind spots are caused by the vehicle type. But you can also install it according to your own needs. Most countries drive on the right side of the road, such as China, United States and Russia so customers can install on the rear and right side. The UK, Japan, Thailand, Australia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa drive on the left so customers can install on the rear bumper and  left side.


wiring for wireless system is relatively simple.For the wired backup system,please measure the length of your vehicle choose the appropriate cable. 

For Haloview wireless backup camera system:

For Haloview wired backup camera system:


A standard one camera Haloivew Digital Wireless wireless backup camera system should take less than one hour to install. the wired system will be a little longer.


Pls do power the camera at the pre-installed position to test the signal before drilling. Do not drill until the signal reaches 4 grids.
Insatll the camera close to the roof and moves a little outward the camera's antenna, the antenna cling to metal will affect the signal.

Please contact us immediately(with photos will be perfect),no matter where you bought it. We will reply and solve it within minutes during working time.

1. You can use the cigarette lighter to power your camera. 

2. Please move the antenna out a little bit, as shown in the picture below.The antenna cling to the sheet metal will weaken the transmission signal.

3. you can add a haloview 2.4ghz magnetic base sma plug external wireless antenna:

4.Haloview's cameras have rubber gasket which has waterproof function, but some customers still want to have double waterproof guarantee, then they use hot melt glue gun to strengthen the it. If you're drilling holes in a sheet of metal, it's better to use the glue that used to paste glass.

5. You can also use a plastic clip to clip up the wire.

Effect after installation:


Top quality camera and monitor and excellent customer support. by Bill

Now that I have my Haloview fully installed I love it. Top quality camera and monitor work great together and allow us to clearly see what is behind whether just driving or backing up.
The wireless signal from the camera to monitor is rock solid- we have never lost the image or even seen any stuttering on screen. And the image quality is excellent day and night. We just took a trip out to Bodega Bay this evening and coming home around dark the image switched from natural color to IR black and white automatically as we passed through dark tree covered spots.
Having never installed a backup camera before I had a number of questions and the Haloview staff answered all of them promptly, sometimes creating a short video to show me how to operate various functions. The included instruction manual covers the basics but if you have questions be sure to ask and Haloview will likely get back to you same day with answers.
We suffered a rear end collision by a hit and run driver recenly which inspired us to look for a backup camera. Bought a $30 MicroSD card for the the Haloview and it is now recording when we drive so we have a record of anything that happens behind us. If we had it when rear ended we would have recorded the license plate of the slimeball who drove off after smashing the rear end of our Sprinter.
And to repeat, the image quality on the 7” monitor is excellent.
Highly recommended!
Best of three systems I have tried  by Cliquot
I installed the camera on my 15" travel trailer as a full time rear view system. Road test went well. No transmission issues between trailer and Jeep tow vehicle. Vehicles on the screen are closer than they appear. I had to modify the dash mount for the Jeep dash as I did not want to glue it. I removed the OEM mount from its base and attached it to a bean bag style. Monitor is somewhat large for my dash, but certainly is easy to see.

Heavy duty multi camera Unit!   by Micah

I was able to get this to try on my Airstream. This is a heavy duty multi camera device! They provide great attachment base options for the camera and the screen itself and the wiring even comes with grommets so you can seal any holes you make wiring up these. The fact that all you need is 12 volt power for the camera is nice, no need to run extra wires. The signal strength is there even going through 40 feet of aluminium, no issues and its rated to 120 meters! If you're looking for a heavy duty multiple camera device, this one is very flexible.

This camera is very good quality! Every camper should have something back there George

We got this rear view camera for our son's camping trailer. This camera and monitor arrived quickly. He just finished the install and used an additional cable from the monitor to the back of the trailer so he can just unplug and drive away after parking. He loves it and says it works well in night situations as well as daytime.This camera is very good quality! Every camper should have something back there when traveling. He is very pleased and I am considering buying one for myself!

Great solution for your RV  by Fabio Brown
I just finally installed the system on my 34 ft fifth wheel trailer and I'm using a cigarette lighter adapter for the monitor and I must say that it works flawless without interference or interruptions, I have tried 3 different wireless systems in the past and all of them worked intermittently and were useless, big waste of money but this one is solid,nice and bright picture and negligible latency, almost not noticeable, important when driving on the highway with your RV and have to change lanes, also great quality hardware, camera and monitor.
I had some questions about the system and their customer support people are fast and accurate with their answers specially Bella that she dealt with my emails with expediency, great Co. to deal with.
Final note is that if you need a good back monitoring camera for you RV don't waste your money with cheaper systems that are design for cars and don't have the range, I learned this the hard way, stick to this one.