Haloview SENS 3 Wireless ADAS System for Blind Spot Detection

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  • World-First wireless advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) for blind spot detection
  • SENS3 is suitable for vehicles up to 65ft in length
  • Easy to mount on the Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Campers, RVs, Vans, SUVs, or small vehicles
  • Audio and Visual alerts make it easier to be aware of your blind spots as you are driving
  • The Radar Detection range for vehicle is up to 70m, detection range for pedestrian is up to 15m
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Change Assist (LCA), Active Overtaking Alarm (AOA)
  • IP69K Water resistance enables the radar system to work all weathers, like fog, rain and snow
  • The Radar Control Box is powered by lithium battery, battery life will last for about 26 hours of continuous use
  • A rugged portable carrying case offers the system a mobility, easy to move from one vehicle to another
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    Wireless ADAS Blind Spot Detection System

    SENS3 for Truck/RV/Trailer/Camper

    Haloview SENS 3 is the World-First wireless advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) for blind spot detection, it is perfect for Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Campers, RVs, Vans, SUVs, or small vehicles! This system is composed of two microwave radar sensors, left and right alarm light buzzers, and a radar control box. When the radar detects a vehicle driving in an adjacent lane approaching the rear of the driver's vehicle - a common blind spot area, it actively notifies the driver with an indicator.

    SENS3 Blind Spot Detection

    Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
    SENS 3 Blind Spot Detection System is designed to assist in detecting vehicles entering your vehicle’s blind spot zone around the rear of your vehicle and in the lanes on the left and right with an approximate range of up to 70 meters. The system functions as an aid for notifying the driver if a vehicle has entered or is present in the blind spot area.

    SENS3 Lane Change Assist

    Lane Change Assist (LCA)
    This type of detection will notify the driver if a vehicle, fast-approaching vehicles from behind (TTC collision pre-warning time: 3.5 seconds, changing lane is dangerous), is in the BSD detection area. If a vehicle has entered the BSD detection area the LED indicator will illuminate and the buzzer will sound to warn the driver that a vehicle is present.

    SENS3 Active Overtaking Alarm

    Active Overtaking Alarm (AOA)
    This type of detection will notify the driver if a vehicle is in the BSD detection area while passing another vehicle. When the target vehicle enters the BSD detection area, the LED indicator will illuminate and the buzzer will sound to warn the driver that a vehicle is present.

    SENS3 on the RV

    * This product functions as an aid for notifying the presence of obstacles in vehicle blind spots. It does not detect all dangers and obstacles and is not a substitute for your judgment and careful attention. Before any maneuver, visually check both sides of the vehicle to confirm.


    SENS3 indicator

    SENS 3 is an extra pair of eyes to help keep you & your loved ones safe while on the road. It is equipped with interior LED indicators for audio and visual alerts that are activated by the BSD, LCA & AOA features which senses vehicles approaching or overtaking your vehicle from the rear, or when your vehicle is approaching or overtaking moving vehicles.

    • No need to use the OBD port in the car, the driver's speed is measured by the GPS module in the control box, and under the combined action of high accuracy radars, false alarms can be reduced significantly.
    • The speed per hour of starting the alarm signal can be set, there are 00MPH/06PMH/17MPH/37MPH/56MPH settable.
    • The control box is powered by an overcharge and over-discharge protection built-in lithium battery with 26h life, which can be charged by cigarette lighter or power bank.
    SENS3 radar control box

    SENS3 Wireless Radar
    • The radar sensor transmits data to control box wirelessly up to 65ft.
    • The SENS 3 can sense the driving data of surrounding vehicles during driving, identify, track and calculate static and dynamic objects, so as to allow the driver to be informed of possible dangers in advance, which effectively increase the safety of driving.
    • It has self-optimization capability to optimize its data computing. The system will be more accurate over 1000KM running.

    2 Separatedly LED Indicator--Adjustable Audio&Visual Alert
    The brightness and volume of Audio&Visual Alert are adjustable, which make it easier to be aware of blind spot as you are driving.

    ECO Mode
    Radar sensors enter into low power consumption once radar control box is turned off. Radar sensors will be awake once radar control box is turned on again.

    Considerate Toolkit
    Everything you need comes in the box. We provide all tools for installation.

    SENS3 easy to go

    Wireless ADAS vs Wired ADAS

    Upgrade your driving safety without high installation cost or tons of time. It’s a hands-on ADAS kit which makes installation extremely simple.

    The installation of traditional wired ADAS systems is extremely complicated, requiring professionals to remove the bumper of the car for installation, while our wireless ADAS system can achieve a more concise installation with the smart battery pack.

    Traditional wired ADAS systems installation video:

    How to install SENS 3

    Drill Holes Installation Method:
    You need to drill holes in the back of your RV, take apart the tail light cover to get power for the radar.

    No Drill/Screw Mounting Option:
    We offer batteries in the SENS 3 Plus and SENS 3 Plus, easy to mount on any vehicles, No Drill or Screw, just Plug and Play.

    SENS3 easy to install

    Easy Installation
    Easy to mount on the trailer exterior, compatible with nearly all type of trailer including 5th wheel. The radar alarm signal is transmitted to the radar control box wirelessly, which can be installed without wiring.

    The radar sensors of SENS 3 are completely wire free and features a magnetic base, it’s easy to move from one vehicle to another, we also offer a portable box which makes storage simple.

    Two Smart Battery Packs are provided in the SENS 3 Plus, which allows your Radar Sensor running for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The SENS 3 Pro contains 4 Smart Battery Packs for the radars, charged batteries get 8 hours of battery life!

    It’s an aftermarket blind spot detection system that compatible with all makes and models of RVs. It’s easy to mount on RV exteriror. All parts are available for replacement if damaged. It helps to ease the worries and stress associated with driving motorhomes and towables.

    SENS3 weatherproof

    SENS3 weatherproof

    The SENS 3's radars are built to last in any weather and any time of year, IP69 Water resistance keeps itself safe during rain, stormy weather. (Please note that in severe weather such as heavy rain, the detection range may decrease.)

    What's in the box

    • Radar Control Box x 1
    • Radar Sensor x 2
    • LED Indicator x 2
    • DC Extension Cable x 2
    • Antenna x 2
    • 3M Tape x 2
    • Installation Angle Tool x 1
    • Cigarette Lighter x 1
    whats in the SENS3 package


    Radar Sensor

    Modulation FMCW
    Radar Distance 0.5 ~ 70m
    Distance(Vehicle) ≤70m
    Distance(Pedestrian) ≤15m
    Accuracy 0.3m
    Operating voltage TX: 12V 360mA
    Operating temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
    Storage temperature -30°C ~ +80°C

    Radar Control Box

    OLED 1.3 Inch
    Resolution 128x64 pixels
    Battery capacity 12.6 wh
    Charging time 6H
    Discharging time 26H
    Operating voltage 5V@1A (includes battery charging current)
    Operating temperature Charge: 0°C ~ 45°C Discharge: -10°C ~ 60°C
    Storage temperature -30°C ~ 70°C
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    Does this system work if attached to rear of Class A but the class A is also flat towing a vehicle?
    By Brent Howard on
    26 July, 2023
    • NO, there can't be anything else behind the sensor as it is used to detect vehicles behind.
      By Haloview Team on
      27 July, 2023
    The BTHandy7 states it is compatible with the Sens 3 WADAS. What are the compatibility features with these two systems?
    By David McCulley on
    30 May, 2023
    • Note: Side cameras are required for this feature. SENS3 is a wireless ADAS radar system. The radar detectors are installed on the left and right rears to monitor adjacent vehicles. It can be connected with the BT series backup monitor, when the radar dete
      By Haloview Team on
      31 May, 2023
    What is the power consumption of the radar unit when it is in ECO mode?
    By Tom Lewellen on
    24 June, 2022
    • If only one radar enters ECO mode, it's 16mA@12V, if both radars are in ECO mode, it's 30mA@12V.
      By Haloview Team on
      25 June, 2022
    Can the sensor be installed in any orientation?
    By Gravity Wave on
    16 February, 2022
    • These sensors must be installed 20-31 inches above the ground, and make sure the angle between the sensor and the rear wheel is 50 degrees.
      By Haloview Team on
      16 February, 2022
    Does it need a steady source of power? I prefer a permanent installation.
    By Dustin Latham on
    25 January, 2022
    • Yes, it would need a steady power source.
      By Haloview Team on
      26 January, 2022
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