truck blind zone

Where is the Blind Zone while Driving a Truck

Let’s take a look at the 4 cars in the diagram driving along a motorway.

The taller and longer the vehicle, the bigger the blind zone. Every Truck has 4 blind zones, they are on both sides and front/rear of the trailer as suggested by the red shaded areas coming from the vehicles in the diagram. The red shading is the area that the driver of the tariler cannot see simply by looking into the door/interior mirror alone. Car No.3 can be seen in the trailer's left door mirror, but car No.1 and No.2 are completely out of sight from the driver of the trailer as it is in his blind spot.

Tow Truck Solution

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  • The front camera provides visibility at the front of the truck.
  • The Load View Camera camera enables the operator in the cabin to have visibility of the hook.
  • The rear camera allows you to see the area immediately behind the truck and helps you backup confidently.
  • The monitor can be mounted on the dash or windshield with the suction cup.
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