Wired Backup Camera System

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  1. Haloview MC7611 1080P High Definition 7 Inch Digital Wired Rear View Camera System
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  2. Haloview MC7601 7 Inch Wired Rear View System
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  3. Haloview MC7601-3 7 Inch Wired Rear View System with 3 cameras
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    Haloview MC7601-3 7 Inch Wired Rear View System with 3 cameras
4 Products
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Learn More About Haloview Wired Backup Camera

Haloview wired backup camera systems ensure a smooth and reliable connection over long distances. A stable signal is essential for all drivers, and a lost or delayed signal increases driving risk. Whether driving at regular speeds, overtaking, lane changing, parking, etc., Haloview wired backup cameras provide drivers with a reliable and stable signal to assist them in driving safely. No latency, no disconnection, the signal is reliable even at vehicle speed up to 80 feet.
Haloview's wired backup camera system is suitable for various vehicles that require vision-assisted driving, such as buses, trailers, trucks, agriculture, vans, suvs, rvs, etc. The power supply range is from DC10v to DC32v, ideal for special heavy-duty vehicles. All vehicles can equip with this system to assist in driving.
Haloview wired backup camera system includes everything you need for installation. The manual shows how all the wires are connected. All of these make it easy to install the wired reversing camera system by following the instructions in the manual. Besides, you can run separate wires for the truck and trailer or fifth wheel and connect/disconnect with just one pigtail cable, which can stretch to 13 ft if needed. The quick connect/disconnect kit makes removing your fifth-wheel trailer as easy as unplugging your trailer lights.
Haloview's wired rear view camera system are high definition (HD), typically are 720p, up to 1080p. The high-definition image quality enhances the viewing experience. Drivers can view all details they want to know with these high-quality images. Furthermore, some Haloview wired backup camera systems incorporates a micro SD memory card slot so you can save your rearview camera footage.
With an IP69K rating level, Haloview's wired backup camera works in all weather conditions. Keep your driving safe even in bad weather conditions like rainy, stormy weather. Falling rain won't wet the camera and make it inoperable, so you can still rely on the camera to judge the road conditions and concentrate on driving. IP69K waterproof wired camera minimizes the risk of traffic accidents in severe weather.
Haloview wired backup camera has built-in infrared LEDs. The infrared night vision feature automatically turns on at nightfall, making it safer for drivers to drive at night and ensuring that they have a clear view of their surroundings even at night. Haloview rearview backup camera has a night vision range of up to 32 ft. If you often need to drive at night, the night vision camera will be a good driving assistant. Infrared LEDs illuminate the rear camera's view for crisp night vision, and a 16ft/33ft/66ft harness makes this system ideal for travel trailers, fifth wheel, and box trucks.
Haloview wired backup camera has adjustable backup line. It helps drivers reverse more easily. The backup line can accurately measure stopping distances to avoid collisions and rear scratches. You can adjust them until they match the angle and position of the curb, driveway, or parking space line. Besides, there is a microphone built-in Haloview rearview camera. It can pick up rear voices and transmit them to the monitor side. Parking will be safer and more convenient with the camera's guidance.