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Why Haloview?

We are committed to bring you the best camera and monitor solutions to help create safer and more secure workplace around the world. Our professional team has spent over 15 years to design and manufacture a variety of certified, reliable camera solutions eliminating the blind spots around vehicle. We are confident that our agricultural vehicle backup camera solution will not only help you to improve safety, but also increase productivity.

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Haloview Backup Camera Solution for Agriculture

We have durable rearview camera systems that enhance agricultural vehicle safety and increase productivity.

  • Encased in sturdy aluminum ensures durable using.
  • Deliver rearview surveillance day or night.
  • Built-in microphone options support crucial communications during sowing, harvesting, and weeding operations.

Combined with good practice and organizational safety measures, Haloview is the only efficient and reliable answer to meet the safety demands of the Tractor, Combine, Crop Sprayer. It's the simple, economical way to reduce risks and avoid expensive repairs.