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Truck Backup Camera Solution

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Backup Camera Solution for
Pickup Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Semi Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Box Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Tow Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Garbage Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Dump Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Flatbed Truck

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Backup Camera Solution for
Tanker Truck

Why You Need Truck Backup Camera

If you are the owner of a large truck, it may mean you may have a more difficult time backing up than a car owner may have. With more blind spots and a larger surrounding area, truck drivers often need extra assistance to see what is behind them so they are able to safely drive in reverse. A good backup camera is an indispensable tool in today's high-tech world. Haloview has a line of backup camera System that perfect for those who drive heavy trucks like box trucks, tow trucks and others.

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Haloview Backup Camera Solution for Trucks

Haloview has a wide range of affordable backup camera systems for all types of trucks. Our professional team has spent over 15 years to design and manufacture a variety of certified, reliable camera solutions eliminating the blind spots around vehicle. We are confident that our truck backup camera solution will not only help you to improve safety, but also provide better ergonmics and comfort.

Advantages of Truck Backup Cameras

Enhanced safety. The camera is not only good at helping you keep away from obstacles when you are on a driveway, but also gives you a clear view on the back of you RV.
Parking with Confidence. Reverse camera systems have parking grid lines that let you know if you are properly aligned in your parking space.
Saves Money. With the camera, the chances of collision during reversal are reduced by a great percentage. Your insurance premiums will remain affordable, and some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with this camera. Here you can also shop backup camera for your trailer at most affordable price.

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wired or wireless solution

Wireless or Wired Truck Backup Camera

Wireless Truck Backup Cameras
Digital wireless backup cameras use a wireless transmitter and receiver to transmit images from the trailer backup camera to the monitor. Wireless tariler backup cameras are the easiest to install, and two power source is needed.

Wired Truck Backup Cameras
In wired backup camera systems the camera/monitor is connected to a power harness. A cable is run the length of the vehicle connecting the components, and only one power source is needed. Plus the quick connect/disconnect kit, you can be able to separate your trailer as simple as unplugging the lights of the trailer.