Haloview Handy 7 Wireless Backup Camera Hitch Camera System

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  • Recommended for the installation distance under 33ft from the monitor to the rearview camera, compatible with HandyCamera, CA108, CA109, CA110, CA112, CA115, CA116, CA613T, CA614T, CA615T, CA616T add-on cameras..Pair by using the pairing cable before installing
  • Provides interference-free reception for vehicles up to 33 feet guaranteed at high speed
  • Up to 984 feet line of sight wireless reception range in open spaces
  • The HandyCamera comes with magnetic base for instant mounting and removing
  • Metal Plate with 3M Tape is included in the package, you can easily stick it onto the aluminum or fiberglass surface and mount the HandyCamera
  • Water resistant IP67 rating level protects against rain and snow
  • 720P image quality, 120-degree wide-angle lens, 6 IR LEDs for superior night vision
  • 7 inch IPS depolarized screen supports Micro-SD cards up to 128GB
  • Multiple split view mode available on the monitor and displays up to 4 cameras views
  • Adjustable rear assist marker lines help you backing up properly
  • A microphone built-in the camera picks up sounds which make reversing/hitching safer
  • Note: The discharging time isn't absolute, it may be slightly different in different environments. Please charge it by using the adapter we configure in time, and store it after being charged fully.
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    handy 7 hitch camera for trailer

    Wireless Hitch Camera

    The wireless battery-powered hitch camera system Handy 7 by Haloview is designed for use on the trailer hitching, farming, home security or other applications where clear visualization can help prevent collisions and provide safety monitoring. Use the included cigarette adapter to easily connect and power the monitor through your vehicle's 12V power outlet. Pair up to 4 cameras to 1 monitor for a 360° view and tons of versatility!

    • The HandyCamera is completely wire free and features magnetic base, it’s easy to move from one location to another.
    • IP67 Water resistance keeps the camera safe during rain, stormy weather.
    • Night vision up to 32ft, 6 infra-red lights ensure a perfect view even on the darkest night.
    • Powered by SAMSUNG SDI lithium-ion rechargeable cell, charged batteries get 7-8 hours of battery life!
    handy 7 hitch camera features

    handy 7 monitor features
    • The monitor records crisp 720P video with built-in DVR, you'll get the video that’s clear and detailed enough to capture important details.
    • In Plane Switching display technology produces much higher display quality, with better colors and much better viewing angles than an LCD tech monitor.
    • The multi view screen is customizable. You can switch Channel to get specific camera paired and view a single camera vision, or 2, 3, 4 cameras vision on the screen.
    • Rear assist marker lines adjustable as needed helps in accurate distance measurement for parking to avoid collision and scratch backward.


    hitch and backup camera
    Handy 7 is Ideal for Hitching
    backup and observation
    It's an Observation Camera, Not Just a Backup Camera
    personal security
    Protects Home and Campsite Personal Safety

    livestock monitoring
    Monitor Your Horses with HandyCamera
    agriculture vehicle
    Improve Agricultural Efficiency
    forklift truck
    Use Handy 7 in Forklift Working Environments

    What's in the box

    • 1 x Handy 7 Hitch Rear View Monitor
    • 1 x Handy 7 Rear View Hitch Camera
    • 1 x 7" Suction Cup Bracket for Monitor
    • 1 x U-support Bracket for Monitor
    • 4 x Angle Adjustment Screws
    • 1 x BWM Connector Adapter
    • 1 x Metal Plate with 3M Tape MP02
    • 1 x Cigarette Lighter
    • 1 x Camera Conversion Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    Handy 7 Accessories


    The old metal plate MP01 we configured in the Handy camera kit may cause the camera to fall off. Recently, Haloview changed the way of using MP01 (MP01 has been discontinued).

    The new way of using MP01 as follows:

    • 1) Please use it for fixing the camera and charging the camera on non-moving objects ,ceramic tiles, glass, and other non-metallic surfaces, so that plays a role in placing the camera temporarily.
    • 2) If you wanna use it on a vehicle, please use the newer metal plate MP02 we produced recently. MP02's strong points: come with the screw holes, increase the thickness of the metal plate to enhance the magnetism, and thicken the double-sided tape to get better magnetism performance.

    When using the newer metal plate MP02, here are some hints:

    • 1) Keep the surface smooth, dust-free, and oil-free. Suggest clients press the metal plate for more than 15 seconds when sticking MP02 on the surface of the RV,.
    • 2) If the surface for sticking MP02 is frosted , rough and uneven, clients could try to fix it by drilling holes.
    • 3) To make sure the applicability of the Haloview product for a particular purpose and in a particular environment, suggest clients make an evaluation of stability when using the metal plate MP02.

    Otherwise, Haloview won't bear the responsibility ultimately.



    Screen Size 7" 16:9
    Video Recording Yes
    Micro-SD /TF Card Max. 128G
    Video Format AVI
    Adjustable Parking Line Yes
    Brightness 900 cd/m²
    RF Bit Rate 12Mbps
    Channel 4 channels Max
    Split Mode Yes
    Scanning Mode Yes
    Trigger Mode Yes
    Power Supply DC 10-32V
    Outer Dimension 182mm(W) X 122mm(H) X 26mm(D)

    Hitch Camera (HandyCamera)

    Resolution 1280 x 720
    Battery Capacity 25.9Wh
    Charging Voltage 9-16V
    Charging Time 4h@12V
    Waterproof Rating IP67
    Viewing Angle 120°
    Image Device 1/4" CMOS
    Microphone Yes
    SMART IR-CUT 650nm Day/850nm Night Auto
    Transmision Distance(barrier free) 300m(984ft)
    Night Vision Distance 8~10m (26~32ft)
    Latency 200ms
    Dimension 79mm(W) X 92.4mm(H) X 58mm(D)
    Weight 520g
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    Handy 7 Monitor User Manual

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    When in use, can the Haloview Handy 7 camera be charging through a 12 volt supply? I already have a 12v supply at the camera position from an existing wired camera system at the rear of my caravan, so this would ensure the lithium battery was always chgd.
    By Roger Holmes on
    09 June, 2022
    • Sure, you can use the camera while charging.
      By Haloview Team on
      11 June, 2022
    Do you have the 5" screen for this installation? The 7" screen is just a tad too big to fit on the dash. Thanks.
    By Laurence on
    20 November, 2021
    • Yeah, you could use 5" monitor.
      By Haloview Team on
      25 November, 2021
    Wondering what the external finished dimensions are of the screen as I did not see them listed in the product specs. Really need to know if this fit a particular opening we have in mind
    By Ben Levine on
    17 November, 2021
    • Outer Dimension 182mm(W) X 122mm(H) X 26mm(D)
      By Haloview Team on
      19 November, 2021
    Can the battery be replaced? If the battery gets weak or stupid charging, can the battery be replaced or does the entire unit need to be discarded (camera and power supply)
    By Thomas Jorno on
    08 October, 2021
    • We don't recommend clients to replace the battery by themselves considering the waterproof issue.
      By Haloview Team on
      09 October, 2021
    Can I add a front camera ?
    By Gilles Carrier on
    07 August, 2021
    • Yeah, you could add a front camera.
      By Haloview Team on
      10 August, 2021

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