A wireless license plate backup camera is a wireless camera mounted on a license plate designed to help drivers back up better. Haloview's best wireless license plate backup camera is the CA109. Easy to install, the high-quality camera helps drivers park and back up. As a driver who wants a license plate backup camera, you may have some questions such as how to pick a wireless license plate backup camera? How to test whether the license plate backup camera is suitable for your car? What is the best wireless license plate backup camera from Haloview? How to install Haloview license plate backup camera wireless? We will discuss all these questions to help you learn more about wireless license plate backup cameras.

A license plate backup camera will help make your driving easier and safer. If you have driving experience, you must have noticed that the view of the review mirror is limited. When you park in a driveway or a tight spot, there is a risk of a collision. Besides, pedestrians, children, and pets may appear behind your car at any time. If they are in your car blind spot, you won't be able to see them. This situation can be life-threatening for both of you. Considering the injuries of an accident, getting a backup camera would be a good choice. Haloview wireless license plate backup camera can reduce the blind spot of your car by providing clear behind images and video.

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How to Pick A Wireless License Plate Backup Camera?

1. Image sensors

There are two main types of digital image sensors: charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS ) sensors. Both work well for typical use. We prefer to recommend CMO because it is a cost-effective option-offering good performance at a lower price.

2. Monitor

When you purchase a backup camera license plate for your car, you will get a dashboard-mounted monitor and an LED monitor option. We prefer to suggest the LED monitor because it provides high-quality images.

3. Camera angles

When choosing a backup camera for license plate, make sure you can set the angle according to your requirements. The best angle range for a license plate rear view camera is 170 degrees.

4. Camera with mirroring

Mirroring is the main thing of a car backup camera. With it, you can see what is behind your car.

5. Automatic system

Sometimes it is hard to control the backup camera manually when you are reversing. The rearview camera controlled by your car's gear shift would be a great choice because it can turn on automatically.

6. Night vision

A license plate backup camera with night vision is better. Sometimes you have to drive at night. Night vision will help you drive safely in the dark.

7. Weatherproof

A weatherproof backup camera will make you less annoyed when driving on a rainy day. Make sure your camera can adapt to some bad weather conditions.

How to Test Whether The License Plate Backup Camera Is Suitable for Your Car?

After receiving the backup camera for license plate, the primary thing is to check whether it suits your car. Here are some points you can check:

  • Does the backup camera fit on your license plate properly? It is a license plate reversing camera, and the most suitable place to install the backup camera is on the license plate. Install it on the license plate and check for compatibility. Generally speaking, there is no need to drill holes for installation. All you need is a screwdriver. Unscrew the license plate, mount the camera, and screw it back on.
  • Do the LED monitor provides the quality image? Sometimes the LED monitor can't display the image you expect. So don't forget to test the monitor to see if it works properly and provides high-quality images.
  • Can the license plate backup camera work properly in a rainstorm? It is obvious to have heavy rainfall when it is the rainy day. Test if the lens is fogged up or hard to see.
  • Is your car compatible for the wireless license plate backup camera? Not sometimes all camera work in all type of car. So when you are purchasing a backup camera. check the camera is perfect for your car or not.
  • Is your camera works automatically? Some camera works automatically if you set them with the gear shift. Test the automatic system works or not or else you will be in trouble.
  • Do the camera has extra-long wire? If the wire is long then you can place the camera anywhere you want. It is not necessary to place the camera on the license plate always. The wire helps you to bring variation.

  • What Is the Haloview Best Wireless License Plate Backup Camera?

    The Haloview best License Plate backup Camera CA109 is a wireless backup camera for license plates. It is suitable for vehicles smaller than 30 ft if mounted on the rear license plate. Because the mounting bracket fits perfectly on the U.S. license plate and the camera is wireless, it is simple to install without much time and effort. Driver does not need to punch additional holes in the car or anything at all. In addition, the Haloview license plate backup camera has a wireless signal range of up to 984 ft, meeting the daily signal needs of vehicles. The stable, long-range signal range makes drivers access road information easily.

    Best license plate backup camera

    Haloview's wireless license plate backup camera has some advantages. First, the Haloview license plate backup camera has a high resolution-720p, which means drivers can see a clear image of all the details behind their cars; Second, the license plate backup camera's angle can be adjusted up or down by 70 degrees, and the wide-angle can reach 120 degrees, giving drivers a vast field of view; Third, the backup camera on license plate is waterproof, making it work fine even in bad weather conditions; Fourth, the wireless license plate backup camera has six built-in infrared LEDs, allowing the driver to see the blind spot behind the car even in the dark of night.

    How to Install Haloview License Plate Backup Camera?

    The haloview license plate camera is easy to install. Anyone can install it with just a screwdriver. The exact location of the mount is on the screws at the top of your license plate frame. Just take those screws out, put the bracket in place, reinsert the screws, finally mount the camera, and then everything is well done. There is a installation sample below. If you have any questions about the installation, we'd be happy to help you!

    Installation of Haloview license plate backup camera:

    Almost all vehicles have blind spots, and the presence of blind spots creates additional driving risks for drivers. Every year, there are many blind spot accidents, which cause significant injuries to the drivers involved. A wireless license plate backup camera or other aftermarket reversing camera is well worth the investment. Their presence can improve your driving experience and reduce the risk of an accident. If you want a wireless license plate reversing camera, Haloview's backup camera for license plate would be a good choice. We will provide everything you need for installation and are always available to answer customers' questions. Finally, whatever wireless license plate backup camera you choose, drive carefully and go home safely!