Want to learn driving? Good decision, because it is fun. But at the same time also dangerous. Make sure you learn to drive from experts. The most sensitive part in driving is reversing the car. While doing this you may bump on babies or animals that you can’t see. Nowadays technology is working to keep us safe from any unwanted incident. The technologies latest invention is best license plate the backup camera for the camera. This camera is the just life saver and guides for every driver. You will see everything behind your car while you are backing your car. Here I will talk about the top backup cameras that are very popular among drivers. So sit tight and let me take you a pleasant drive in this article.

How did we pick license plate backup camera wireless?

A license plate backup camera is necessary to have a device for any car. You can’t just reverse your car on your blind guess. You can also have a safe drive in low light condition. So we tried to pick the best license plate backup camera considering some features.

They are:

  • Image sensor:
    You will get two types of an image sensor; CCD and CMOS. Among the sensor, the CMOS is cheaper in price and quality. We recommend using the CCD image sensor. Though it is little pricey it gives a powerful service.
  • Angle:
    When you choose a backup camera for your car, make sure you can set the angle per your requirement. Best angle of a car camera is 170 degree.
  • Monitor:
    You will get a dashboard mounted monitor and a LED monitor option when you get a backup camera for your car. Choose per your requirement but we prefer the LED as it gives the high-quality image.
  • Night time drive:
    Camera with night vision is perfect for all car. Because you have to drive at night sometimes. The camera will help you to drive safely in dark.
  • Camera with mirror image:
    The mirror image is the main thing of a backup camera car. With this, you can view what is behind your car.
  • Auto system:
    Sometimes it is hard to control the camera manually when you are reversing your car. If you get a camera, which is control by the shift gear of your car, then it will turn automatically on. By this, you will not have to worry to turn on the camera.
  • Weatherproof:
    The most important feature of a camera. Sometimes you have to drive in rain, heat, and cold. Make sure your camera is adjustable with these weather conditions. If not then no use of installing any camera.

How we tested:

After picking the camera, it is important to test it. The test is done for making the assurance that is it proper for your car or not?
Sometimes the camera doesn’t work per the instruction. So we test every product before giving to our customers.

  • Is the camera really stays back of the license plate? As it is designed as license plate backup camera, it has to be not seen after installing. And one thing you don’t have to make a hole to place it. You can just place it after unscrewing the license plate.
  • Do the LED monitor provides the quality image? Sometimes you will see the LED monitor don’t give proper service. While purchasing, do test the monitor works or not.
  • Works in rain or not? It is obvious to have heavy rainfall when it is the rainy day. Test the camera as they work properly in rain or not.
  • Is your car compatible for the camera? Not sometimes all camera work in all type of car. So when you are purchasing a backup camera. check the camera is perfect for your car or not.
  • Is your camera works automatically? Some camera works automatically if you set them with the gear shift. Test the automatic system works or not or else you will be in trouble.
  • Do the camera has extra-long wire? If the wire is long then you can place the camera anywhere you want. It is not necessary to place the camera on the license plate always. The wire helps you to bring variation.


Haloview MC7601 7" Wired Rear View System

Haloview MC7601 Rear View System will takes a little more time to install than the wireless kit. It could provide a slightly better image quality than the wireless system. It comes with a 16:9 LCD display, a pixel resolution of 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480. NTSC / PAL video system options are available.

With the brightness of 400 cd/m² in the monitor and maximum 3 wired camera input, this system could be applied for A variety of vehicles that needs viewing assistance for drive. Suck as Truck,RV,trailer,harvester, crane,cargo van, intercity bus, box truck,forklift, motor coach,fifth wheel,travel trailer,horse trailer, ambulance,consruction equipment,garbage,truck etc. Auto-dim function is available. When the set is ON, backlighting automatically adjusts in accordance with the outer brightness.

The Monitor only takes 0.8 second to switch from CAM1 to CAM2. It’s important in case of an emergency that you need to quickly switch the viewing Angle. This super fast switching gives you a better grasp of the situation around you to respond in time. Besides, the Monitor is built with electronic cursor. The distance grid lines helps the driver to reverse the car more accurately.

MC7601 is a top rated product designed for all applications including both commercial and industrial vehicles. It also has built-in mic and speakers for audio. The buttons of the monitor are humanized design - easy to operate, and the power supply is wide from DC10-32V, it is perfect for all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles.