Haloview CA108 Wireless Rear View Camera For MC7108 System

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  • Not use for MC7101 system, compatible with MC7108 system
  • Wireless Signal Range Up to 984 feet
  • 1280 x 720 effective pixels
  • IR LEDs enable night vision up to 32ft
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • Smart IR-CUT filter
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    High Pixels

    Effective Pixles:1280x720, high definition image quality improve your viewing experience


    This camera system built-in SMART IR-CUT filter makes image more realistic. If you use 650nm filter at daytime, it will automatically switch to 850nm at night. It makes color more realistic and avoid color blur.

    Long Range Signal Transmission

    A long monitor antenna allows better reception for long range signal ,wireless signal range up to 984 feet.

    Auto Paring

    Automatic pairing with monitor happens when camera is activated.

    Auto Dimming

    MC7108 system features auto-dimming function, automatically adjust for different brightness levels between day and night.

    What's in the Box

    1. Wireless Backup Camera  x1
    2. Camera Conversion Cable x1
    3. Camera Antenna x1
    4. Screw Kit for Camera Installation x4
    5. Camera Specification Card x1

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    Can I use this to pair with a Haloview M10 Wireless Rear View Mirror without any other wiring other than power necessary? Length of transmission from back of my trailer to the mirror would be about 35 feet.
    By Gerry Schlenker on
    30 March, 2024
    • Yes, you can.
      By Haloview Team on
      01 April, 2024
    Can this camera be wirelessly connected to an iPad?
    By Russ Byers on
    21 May, 2022
    • No, it can't.
      By Haloview Team on
      23 May, 2022
    What is the drainage current of the CA108 camera under 12.5 volts ?
    By Albert Mougeot on
    10 July, 2021
    • Under normal mode, CA108 the current is 240mA@12V when the IR LEDs not works,when the IR LEDs works it's 380mA@12V. IR LEDs are used as night vision.
      By Haloview Team on
      14 July, 2021
    Does this work with RD7 system?
    By Garry on
    01 July, 2021
    • Yeah. It could work.
      By Haloview Team on
      02 July, 2021
    Can you use the ca108 as a dash cam?
    By Marc on
    08 May, 2020
    • Sure, but I would suggest using the CA109 as dash cam if you are from the US.
      By Haloview on
      09 May, 2020

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