Haloview M7601 7 Inch Wired Rear View Monitor

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  • 120°wide viewing angle,16:9, 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480
  • Picture image:Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror, Normal
  • 8 languages: English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian
  • Automatic back lighting for buttons
  • Multiple video formats: AUTO/ PAL/NTSC
  • 3 cameras input, and built-in mic and speakers
  • Operation:10-32V. Automobile battery:12V or 24V
  •   Automatic scanning function
  • The scale:left, right, up, down
  • Auto-switches to back-up,left,right camera views
  •  Built-in SMART IR-CUT filter makes image more realistic and avoid color blur
  • 4 IR LED provide 32ft of night vision
  • IP69K(waterproof rating);10G(vibration rating)
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    Haloview M7601 7" wired rear view monitor

    Haloview MC7601 Rear View System will take a little more time to install than the wireless kit. It could provide a slightly better image quality than the wireless system. It has a 16:9 LCD display, a pixel resolution of 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480 with a 400 cd/m² luminance and 3 wired camera input. NTSC / PAL video system options are available. Auto dim function makes the monitor automatically adjusts the backlight to fit the ambient light. The monitor can be switched from CAM1 to CAM2 in just 0.8 seconds, this enable the driver to switch his views quickly in an emergency situation, and the parking lines can help the driver to judge speed and distance accurately. It also has a built-in microphone and audio speakers.
    This system can be applied to a variety of vehicles that need view assistance for driving such as buses, trailers, trucks, SUVs, vans, RV, agricultural etc. The power supply is wide from DC10V to 32V so it is perfect for all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles

    Featured Function:

    Haloview SMART IR CUT Function:

    Use 650nm filter at daytime,automactically switch to 850nm at night. Solve the problem of turning green into purple under sunlight casued by only use 850nm filter.

    Product Dimensions:

    Monitor: 5.25" (H) x 7" (L) x 1" (D)


    Haloview's rear view system use anti-glare screen,please tear off the monitor's screen protection film which may cause reflection after installation.

    What's in the wired backup camera kit

    1. Haloview M7601 Wired Rear View 7" Monitor  X1
    2. U-Support Bracket  X1
    3. Sunshied  X1
    4. Angle Adjustment Screws  X4
    5. Durable Suction Cup  X1
    6. Power Cable  X1
    7. Screw Kit for Monitor Installation  X4
    8. User Manual  X1


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    User Manual


    Haloivew Wired Backup Camera system FAQ

    Q: What are the differences between Haloview wired and wireless camera systems?

    A: Wired camera system provides a slightly better image quality and a wireless system is easier to install. 

    Differences of functions in the 7-inch rear view system:

    1. wireless products:

    wireless system with 2.4g transmission; with video recording function;With Split /quad mode; supports up to 4 cameras.

    With low power consumption function. The wireless system's camera is powered separately, so this low power feature is required. However, in the wired system, the camera is powered by the monitor, and the camera will not work as long as the monitor is turned off.

    2. wired products:

    Connect through aviation line; no video recording function; no Split /quad mode; support up to 3 camers. No low power consumption function.

    The same point of the 7-inch system: Both have smart IR cut function.

    Q: How long does it take to install a Haloivew reav view camera system?

    A: Installation time varies based on vehicle and camera quantity. A standard one camera wireless system should take half hour to install. with 4 cameras takes about 1 hour.Wired system with 1 camera takes about 40 minutes, 3 cameras takes about 2 hours. 

    Q: What vehicles can Haloview wired systems be applied for?

    A: Haloview wired backup cameras could be applied for heavy-duty vehicles. It could be used for harvester, navvy, farm, forklift, crane and planter etc. For those vehicles like fifth wheels, travel trailers or semi-trucks, you can also choose the wireless back up camera which is more easier to install.  

    Q: Can you please tell us what size drill bit we need for the black grommet on the camera cable? I purchased a wireless system and need this info.

    A: There is a waterproof rubber gasket on the camera cable. You can drill holes with a diameter of 20mm. 

    Q: I don't know what to choose from wired or wireless, what is your suggestion?

    A:If you want to save money and have install tools, try the wired. If you want easier installation, choose wireless. Our product's quality is better than competitors,but only half price of their.

    Q:I need to mount the camera offset on the back of my Class B RV so it will not be centered. Can i adjust the image so that when i am backing up it appears more centered?

    A:Wired Rear View System: If the camera is not centered, you need to calibrate the reverse cursor, then you can correct it in the menu bar in the monitor. Only the display position of the reversing cursor on the screen can be corrected, the image cannot be adjusted. However, the upper and lower viewing angles can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of the camera.

    Wireless system: The image display cannot be adjusted left and right. The reversing cursor is also fixed and cannot be adjusted. However, the upper and lower viewing angles can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of the camera. Please try to center the camera and then install it.

    Q: My company wants to your rear-view systems for our fleet.Can you give us a discount?

    Haloview is committed to providing the world's most cost-effective rear view system.We can give you distributor's price.

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