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Haloview Quick Connect/Disconnect Trailer Cable for the MC7611 Rear View Camera System

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• Compatible with MC7611
• Quick Connect/Disconnect with Pigtail Cable
• Easy to Install
• Waterproof

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This trailer cable is compatible with MC7611 system, it allows you to wire your truck and trailer or 5th wheel separately and connect/disconnect with just one pigtail cable, which can stretch to 13 ft if needed. Weather resistant locking cable connectors, Metal shell, Weatherproof Plug Socket For Plug & Unplug Security& Easily.


This Kit is split into three parts.
Part A has both sides connector,one side 4 pin female connector which is for connecting to the camera extension cable, and the other side is 5 pin male connector, which is for connecting to pigtail cable (part B).
Part B is the curly pigtail cable that goes between vehicles, both sides are 5 pin female connector.
Part C is a 2.6 ft cable for the back trailer, which connects to camera extension cable and Part B.

trailer cable for disconnecting your vehicle

trailer cable


You can use this kit for any vehicle at all that needs a connection and disconnection, such as 5th Wheel, Tractor Trailer, Trailer, Caravan and Air Stream.

What's in the box

  • Trailer Cable Part A
  • Trailer Cable Part B
  • Trailer Cable Part C

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