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Haloview’s HandyCamera is Ideal for Trailers

Trailer hitch cameras make aligning with your hitch on the first go easy. If you’ve ever gone through the nightmare of hitching up without a camera or partner to help spot you, it should be immediately obvious why a trailer hitch camera is a good idea.

Haloview's HandyCamera does the job quite well. It provides a clear picture of your hitch and works instantly without the need to fiddle with wiring or connections.

This model has a magnetic base that can be attachd anywhere to provide a clear view of your hitch or anything else you want a remote view of.

It's an Observation Camera, Not Just a Backup Camera

Driving an RV, Cargo Van or other large vehicle often means they have large loadspaces without adequate visibility in your rear-view mirror. And operating a vehicle of that size puts even the most seasoned drivers at risk of collisions and accidents.

Handy 7 system is the perfect addition to RVs, trailers under 33ft. It’s great for seeing what's behind you as you drive down the road, make lane changes, etc. You can even sync up to four cameras per monitor to navigate compact parking spaces.

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Protects Home and Campsite Personal Safety

Nothing matters more than your house and the people (and animals) who live in it, but there are times when you simply aren’t able to keep a direct eye on your children, pets and property.

Haloview’s HandyCamera system helps you protect what matters most. Pair up to four cameras together for a 360° view and up to 984 feet of sight. Whether you need a home or campground security, stay aware of what's going on and gain peace of mind with the Handy wireless camera system.

Monitor Your Horses with HandyCamera

For the horse owner, keeping your horses healthy and safe is a big responsibility, without a horse camera system, your horses are at risk of getting seriously injured during transport, encountering critical difficulties during foaling or falling ill in the barn when you’re not there to notice a change in behavior.

Haloview’s Handy wireless camera system was designed to alleviate part of that burden, you can comfortably monitor your horse, use it in the trailer during transport, then move the camera to the barn to keep an eye on your horse.

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Improve Agricultural Efficiency

Blind spots exist in the agricultural work environment because of the shapes and sizes of farm vehicles, it demands a rugged, durable camera monitor system, Haloview’s Handy camera system was designed specifically with these realities in mind.

Unlike similar products that are hard-wired, Handy’s wireless 2.4 GHz agricultural camera system offers the flexibility and durability you need to place your camera virtually anywhere and move it around as you like. Use Handy camera System to monitor grain levels in chaser bins or to eliminate blind spots on tractors and large machinery. It’s ideal for any piece of farm equipment.

Use HandyCamera in Forklift Working Environments

A forklift can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace. Awful visibility can be the cause to so many forklift injuries & ruin equipment, and this is not hard to see why.

Haloview’s Handy camera system helps in maximizing the level of productivity by providing a clearer view of sight. All of this will assist the forklift operator in the safe transportation of products and materials.

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