If ever there was a product that could reduce stress and arguments, this is it. Have you ever tried backing into a site and your traveling companion is in the back trying to direct you.

Only problem is you can’t hear them or see them. So there they are yelling and waving their arms all over the place, and you’re just backing up the best way you can. It usually ends with some yelling at each other, which isn’t good after a travel day.

However, that’s what rear view cameras are for. It can help you see exactly where you need to go and cut down on the frustrating part of yelling back and forth with your travel companion on where to go.We just have to find something that suits you now. Every camera model has its advantages. However, for it to work properly, the features need to compliment your driving needs and your rig.

While researching for the best backup camera, I thought I’d share my findings with you you. These are possibly the best options in terms of both price and performance

How to Buy an RV Backup Camera for Your Car?

Rear View Backup Camera offers a wide range of options to the buyer. To begin with, there are three kinds of RV cameras, dependent on just the mounting style. Surface mounting cameras can be set up on any surface that is flat enough. License mounting cameras have the advantage of using the license board of the car. And lastly, flush-mounted cameras require you to drill through the surface of the car’s body to mount it up.Apart from what choice you opt for, there should be several contributing factors to look at. For instance, even though CMOS cameras are better for video streaming, it is the CCD options that have a better overall image quality. Secondly, the night vision should be operated through infra-red LED lights for a clearer view in the dark. Finally, weather resistance is a must above all else. This allows you to drive without any worries in any climatic condition.

Haloview MC7108 7'' 720P HD Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System

Haloview MC7108 Rear View System will takes a little more time to install than the wireless kit. It could provide a much better image quality than the other brand wireless system. It comes with a 16:9 LCD display, a 720P high resolution of image quality. NTSC / PAL video system options are available.

With the brightness of 900 cd/m² in the monitor and maximum 4 cameras input, this system could be applied for A variety of vehicles that needs viewing assistance for drive. Suck as Truck,RV,trailer,harvester, crane,cargo van, intercity bus, box truck,forklift, motor coach,fifth wheel,travel trailer,horse trailer, ambulance,consruction equipment,garbage,truck etc. Auto-dim function is available. When the set is ON, backlighting automatically adjusts in accordance with the outer brightness.

The Monitor only takes 0.1 second to switch from CAM1 to CAM2. It’s important in case of an emergency that you need to quickly switch the viewing Angle. This super fast switching gives you a better grasp of the situation around you to respond in time. Besides, the Monitor is built with electronic cursor. The distance grid lines helps the driver to reverse the car more accurately.

MC7108 is a top rated product designed for all applications including both commercial and industrial vehicles. It also has built-in mic and speakers for audio. The buttons of the monitor are humanized design - easy to operate, and the power supply is wide from DC10-32V, it is perfect for all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles.

Benefits of Using an RV Backup Camera

Like I stated in the beginning of this article, it really cuts down the frustrating part of backing your rig into an RV site or backing up anywhere, for that matter. Aside from reducing arguments, using a backup camera helps you keep your RV and everything around it safe from collision.