How to pick up backup camera for your vehicle

Backup Camera is a type of video camera that is intended to helping drivers reverse vehicles safely by being attached to the rear of a it’s very important especially for large automobile like RV,bus,drivers in these kind of vehicle are in need of a backup camera to aid in when reversing,There are many options of rear view backup cameras on the market’s kind of hard for a new beginner to pick up a backup camera that ‘s most suitable for their vehicle,there are several criteria to consider before you buy your vehicle backup camera.

The backup camera mainly contains two important parts:the monitor and the camera,so you could only look at the two parts so that it would be a lot easier to choose.
The type of the monitor decides how the pictures will be showed.A backup camera will reverse the image so that the view on the monitor is exactly the same as the driver was looking into the rearview or side mirrors. The most widely-applied backup monitor are universal monitors, rear view mirror monitor,here we take universal monitors for example, A universal monitor is the most common type of backup monitor as it easily mounts on top of the dash of any vehicle. These monitors are most commonly sized from a 3.5 inch through 7 inch screen as anything smaller is hard to see and anything bigger becomes distracting and large.

The camera dictates how camera will be mounted to the rear of the vehicle. The most widely-used camera types are flush mount cameras, license plate cam,and surface mount cameras ,surface mount camera usually regarded as the most popular of all backup camera types. they are versatile.for these systems can be mounted nearly anywhere on many types of vehicles and typically come with a mounting bracket that tilts up and down for the perfect view.The camera features are the significant to dictate cost.The key features to look at in a backup camera system are viewing angle, CCD camera lens, reverse/ non reverse.

Viewing angle ranges from 100 degree to 180 degree Most of the cars only require a 100 degree view angle. Large vehicles require wider angles up to 180 degree. .with 180 degrees being a panoramic view of your rear,The most critical element that determines the camera image quality is the type of the image sensor. CCD&CMOS are two basic types of image sensor.CCD image sensors typically produce a higher resolution image with excellent light sensitivity for a great picture at night.usually for digital signal.CMOS image sensors are much smaller in size often no larger than your finger tip,  their smaller size are limited in their ability to capture light. CMOS cameras  have Infrared LED’s to illuminate the camera area at night so it is visible on

Most of the rear view backup cameras have the reverse image view pre-set by the manufacturer. Reverse image is useful for any rear facing camera as it flips the image on the monitor to make the picture the proper orientation when viewed on screen and in the front of a vehicle.

To choose a wireless backup camera or wired backup camera depend on the size of your gear.the biggest pro of wireless cameras is its convenience of wiring for it only takes a few minutes.However,the wireless systems are easily affected by radio frequency interference and distance,Compared with wireless rear view camera,the wired system provides much higher quality and much more stable image view. However,for bulk vehicles, the wiring could be draining.

In final words,there are also other factors like cost,waterproof function,size of monitor could affect purchasing,list all the features you care about most to choose the most suitable one.