Range Dominator 4-Camera System RD7 Ultimate 7 inch 720P Wireless Backup Camera

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  • Recommended for vehicles over 33ft. This system is compatible with CA108, CA109, CA110, CA112, CA115, CA116, CA613T, CA614T, CA615T, CA616T add-on cameras. .Pair by using the pairing cable before installing
  • Provides interference-free reception for vehicles up to 80 feet guaranteed at high speeds
  • Up to 1200 feet wireless line of sight wireless reception range in open spaces
  • Record important events with the built-in 720P HD DVR
  • Multiple split view mode available on the 7" IPS screen and displays up to 4 cameras views
  • Adjustable rear assist marker lines help you backing up properly
  • Mounts as the clearance light on RV/Travel Trailer
  • Featuring a smart IR cut, IP69K Waterproof, 120-degree Angle Lens night vision camera
  • A microphone built-in the camera picks up sounds which make reversing safer
  • The semicircle bracket provides a waterproof housing for the rear/doorway security camera
  • Note: the circle magnet is not included in the package.
  • This is a bundle product contains 3 items (1 x RD7P, 1 x CA112, 1 x CA116)
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    Haloview Wireless RV Observation Camera System RD7 Ultimate

    A quality observation camera can significantly minimize the risk of “blind zone” accidents whenever your vehicle is moving or in reversing. Haloview wireless camera system RD7 Ultimate provides full-time whole scene streaming to eliminate blind spots around your vehicle, monitor your cargo during transport, and protect what matters, gain confidence and peace of mind for your journey.

    using as an observation camera


    Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings, provide rear-view visibility, eliminate blind spots and prevent collisions for better peace of mind while in driving.

    using as a horse trailer camera


    Visualize everything that’s happening in the horse trailer with our wireless camera system and transport your horses with greater peace of mind.

    Double trailer towing camera


    Attach the camera to the back of your RV when pulling a double trailer, it could be a very useful tool for observing what's going on the back there.

    Haloview backup monitor four cameras split screen view

    HD images recording


    split screen view on the monitor


    7-inch IPS screen


    Rear Marker Lines for reversing


    side marker light camera for RV
    side camera adjustable lens

    Gain Confidence While Reversing.
    With two side marker light cameras giving you more field of view around your RV, plus selectable split-screen close-ups of the rear camera view, sliding into the tightest spaces can be easier for you.

    No Freezes at High Speeds
    The CA616T comes with a semicircle camera and TX-Box T1, the combination of TX-BOX and extension cable bypass most obstacles cuts down the distance that the signal has to travel, which ensures a constant signal reception and no dropouts even at 70 MPH.

    semicircle camera CA616T
    semicircle camera CA616T with TX-box T1

    horse transport camera and door security camera

    Horse Trailer Transport Camera CA116

    Transport can often be a stressful experience for both the horse and the driver. Now you can keep a close eye on your horses healthy and safe.

    RV Door Security Camera

    Turn the CA116 into the RV entrance door security camera. Being able to watch the kids or see people coming up to the RV entrance door or animals wandering within the perimeter of view, gives you peace of mind at the campsite.


    semicircle camera installed on furrion pre wired rv

    Simply remove the Furrion prep bracket and mount the semicircle bracket on the same holes, use the included Furrion power cable adapter to easily connect and power the camera through the Furrion wiring.

    semicircle camera installed on fiberglass/aluminum rv

    The semicircle bracket compatible with the circle magnet M3, you can mount it on a metal body RV in minutes without drilling holes. Metal plate is needed for fiberglass and aluminum RV.

    drilling holes install semicircle camera

    An alternative installation method. Find a perfect spot for getting power supply and drill holes to install it on the door entrance or back of your RV.

    Easy quick install with Haloview semicircle mounting kit

    • The Haloview semicircle mounting kit provides two installation methods, drilling holes or using magnet attach on your vehicle. (the circle magnet and metal plate are not included in the package)
    • The semicircle bracket provides a waterproof housing for the camera.
    • Compatible with Furrion mount pre-installed RVs.

    Haloview four cameras system for RV

    What's in the box

    • RD7 Ultimate Rear View Monitor x 1
    • Rear Camera with TX-Box CA616T x 1
    • Horse/Doorway Security Camera CA116 x 1
    • Side Marker Light Camera CA112 (Both sides) x 1
    • Cigarette Lighter Plug x 1
    • DC 10-32V Power Cable x 1
    • BMW Connector Adapter x 1
    • U-support Bracket for Monitor x 1
    • Center Mount Bracket for Monitor x 1
    • Furrion Adapter Cord x 1
    • User Manual x 1
    What's in the RD7 Ultimate box



    Screen Size 7"
    Video Recording Yes
    Resolution 1024 x 3(RGB) x 600
    Micro-SD /TF Card Max. 128G
    Video Format AVI
    Adjustable Parking Line Yes
    Brightness 900 cd/m²
    Channel 4 channels Max
    Split Mode Yes
    Power Supply DC 10-32V
    Outer Dimension 182mm(W) X 122mm(H) X 26mm(D)

    Rear Camera CA616T

    Support TX-BOX Yes
    Viewing Angle 130°
    Image Device 1/2.9" CMOS
    Microphone Yes
    SMART IR-CUT 650nm Day/850nm Night Auto
    Waterproof rating level IP69K
    Transmision Distance(barrier free) 1200ft
    Night Vision Distance 32ft
    Latency 200ms
    Power Supply DC 10-32V

    Side/Doorway Cameras

    Support TX-BOX No
    Viewing Angle 120°
    Image Device 1/4" CMOS
    Microphone Yes
    SMART IR-CUT 650nm Day/850nm Night Auto
    Waterproof rating level IP69K
    Transmision Distance(barrier free) 984ft
    Night Vision Distance 32ft
    Latency 200ms
    Power Supply DC 10-32V
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    can the side cameras be mounted at the roof line
    By tim on
    11 July, 2022
    • NO, you have to install them on the side way, because the image has been rotated 90 degrees and the picture menu setting in the monitor has only 180 rotate available.
      By Haloview Team on
      12 July, 2022
    How long is the cable that comes with the system
    By Richard Allen on
    29 March, 2022
    • The cable length has 26ft, 33ft, 39ft, 49ft selectable.
      By Haloview Team on
      30 March, 2022
    Is the handycamera with battery compatible with the RD7 ultimate setup?
    By Todd on
    26 February, 2022
    • Sure, but the monitor support up to 4 cams at the same time, you have to disconnect one cam at least if you want to use the handycam.
      By Haloview Team on
      28 February, 2022
    How many cameras total will the system handle? I want the 3 cameras for my fifth wheel but want a front and back facing camera on my truck when not hooked up.
    By Rolf Mjelde on
    21 November, 2021
    • 4pcs cameras input simultaneously.
      By Haloview Team on
      25 November, 2021
    For a 39’ fifth wheel what length cable should I get
    By Stacy on
    19 October, 2021
    • 39FT is enough.
      By Haloview Team on
      21 October, 2021

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