Haloview Wireless Backup Camera Rearview Mirror Dashcam MC10

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  • Recommended for the installation distance under 33ft from the monitor to the rearview camera. Pair before installing.
  • Provides interference-free reception for vehicles up to 33 feet guaranteed at high speed
  • Up to 984 ft wireless line of sight wireless reception range in open spaces
  • The front camera captures an ultra-clear image at a resolution of 1080P
  • Easily mounts over your existing rear-view mirror with the provided rubber strap
  • An IPS full touch screen is easy to operate with fast responsiveness
  • Recording important events with the built-in DVR
  • Adjustable rear assist marker lines help you backing up properly
  • Split/PIP mode available on the 10" screen and displays up to dual cameras views
  • The rear camera comes with a Furrion camera mounting bracket adapter plate
  • Only support one wireless camera signal input, compatible with CA108/CA109/CA613T/CA614T/CA615T/CA616T
  • Note: The image won't be displayed completely under a single split-screen(ex.CAM1) due to the width vs depth of the 10" mirror monitor will limit the vertical view, you need to slide up and down the screen if you need to see the image of other angles. But it will display all under 2 splits screen(ex.CAM1&CAM2).
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    mirror dash camera for cars

    The wireless rearview observation mirror dashcam system MC10 has a front-facing camera and a waterproof exterior rear-facing camera that is perfect for Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Campers, RVs, Vans or other large cars where rear visibility is obscured! Just strap display over your existing rear-view mirror, mount the rear camera on the back of your vehicle, plug-in rearview mirror monitor to the cigarette lighter power outlet, turn on your car to pair the front unit with the rear unit, and you're all set!

    Flexible camera

    The front camera can be extended out from the rear mirror monitor to capture the front scene. The view angle of the camera can also be adjusted by rotating the lens with your hand.

    mount the MC10 over existing rear mirror

    Nothing else mounted to your windshield! This dashcam fits over the factory rear-view mirror without disassembling. Simply bind the MC10 monitor to your existing rearview mirror with the rubber strap.

    10 Inch IPS touch screen

    A user-friendly touch screen allows you easily to Start/Stop recording, Screenshot and Switch front/rear cam images. You can see the screen clearly even with polarized sunglasses.

    Using MC10 Mirror Dashcam for a Confident Ride. Capture Front and Rear Scene with MC10
    mirror dash camera 1080P recording

    A 32G SD card is included in the box. Featuring Ultra-HD 1080p forward-facing video recording via dashcam and 720p HD rear-facing video recording via a separate backup camera.

    picture-in-picture mode

    Full/split-screen or picture-in-picture display of front/rear view. Turning off the screen display, it can be used as a regular rear view mirror.

    Marker Lines Help Backup Properly

    Rear assist marker lines adjustable as needed helps in accurate distance measurement for parking to avoid collision and scratch backward.

    Haloview wireless mirror monitor
    Haloview MC10 Rear Camera
    MC10 No interference and no freezes

    We use a 2.4 GHz digital wireless signal to prevent interference, and you can view blind spots around your vehicle without freezes.

    waterproof and night vision backup camera

    6 infrared lights capture sharp videos with enhanced details at the extremely low light conditions. Make it a trustworthy guardian for your car all day and night.

    MC10 easy to install

    The installation is a breeze with the provided U support bracket or Furrion mounting bracket adapter plate.



    Screen Size 10"
    Video Recording Yes
    Resolution 1920 x 3(RGB) x 320
    Micro-SD /TF Card Max. 128G
    Video Format MPEG4
    Adjustable Parking Line Yes
    Brightness 800 cd/m²
    Channel 2 channels Max
    Split Mode Yes
    Power Supply DC 5V (Note: You have to use the provided cigarette lighter to step down the voltage from 12-32V to 5V.)
    Outer Dimension 255mm(W) X 72mm(H) X 18mm(D)

    Front Camera

    Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Viewing Angle 140°
    Image Device 1/2.8" Sony CMOS
    Microphone Yes

    Rear Camera

    Support TX-BOX No
    Resolution 1280 x 720
    Viewing Angle 120°
    Image Device 1/4" CMOS
    Microphone Yes
    SMART IR-CUT 650nm Day/850nm Night Auto
    Waterproof rating level IP69K
    Transmision Distance(barrier free) 984ft
    Night Vision Distance 32ft
    Latency 200ms
    Power Supply DC 10-32V

    What's in the box

    • MC10 Rear View Monitor x 1
    • Rear View Camera CA109 x 1
    • 32G Micro SD Card x 1
    • Cigarette Lighter Plug x 1
    • DC 10-32V Power Cable x 1
    • BMW Connector Adapter x 1
    • U-support Bracket for Camera x 1
    • Furrion Adapter Plate x 1
    • User Manual x 1
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    Haloview MC10 Rear View and Dash Cam the happy travellers
    Haloview MC10 Rearview Camera on a Casita
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    User Manual


    RD10 Upgrade Steps:

  • 1. Insert the SD card into the PC, select “filesystem”: FAT32 to format unit size: 64KB
  • 2. Copy the upgrade pack "SD_CarDV.bin" to root directory of the SD card
  • 3. Insert the SD card with upgrade pack into the monitor, then power it on
  • 4. After starting up, the system will read the upgrade pack of SD card automatically and enter the upgrade mode (Attention: don’t power off when it is upgrading)
  • RD10 upgrade firmware
  • 5. When the upgrade is completed, the system will restart automatically. The VERSION under the SETTING menu has been updated to: MC10-00-V2.2 now
  • Q&A
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    Is this able to pair with my Furion camera system installed on my 2021 Keystone Sprinter 30ft 5th wheel?
    By Bob Scott on
    07 April, 2024
    • No, this system can only be paired with Haloview cameras.
      By Haloview Team on
      09 April, 2024
    Why can’t I simply tie into a power supply in my existing mirror assembly rather than running a wire all the way to a cigarette lighter? If I have to step power down from 12v to 5v at the cigarette lighter input, why can’t that be accomplished at the existing mirror assembly?
    By Gerry Schlenker on
    01 April, 2024
    • We will upgrade the system to 1080P and equip it with a 12V power interface.
      By Haloview Team on
      02 April, 2024
    How long is the cord from the lighter plug to the mirror?
    By David Daley on
    19 June, 2023
    • It's 3.5 meters.
      By Haloview Team on
      20 June, 2023
    Are there any plans of possibly moving the antenna to the side or bottom to accommodate trucks with automatic Hi beam sensors? My 2015 Ram has very limited room above and I'm not sure if I have clearance to mount the monitor with the antenna on top.
    By Phil Swanson on
    09 January, 2023
    • It includes a 90 degree elbow antenna for rear view mirror monitor, 11/16 inches higher than the monitor if the antenna installed.
      By Haloview Team on
      10 January, 2023
    Just found it this exists. I need two cameras, one for our Airstream and one for the back of our truck since we have a cap and can’t use our rear view mirror now. I realize this unit only pairs with one camera at once What is the process of re-pairing
    By Glen Sansoucie on
    27 October, 2022
    • Press PAIR button to enter PAIRING status, you will have 20 seconds for pairing: Method 1 :Press the pairing button on the back of the camera. Method 2: Power off the camera and power on it again.
      By Haloview Team on
      28 October, 2022

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