When you are driving your RV, Trucks, Trailers, Whether you have some difficulties to solve it well for the blind spot, don't worry, Haloview will be a good solutions provider. If you don't believe the brand could achieve so good effects, please see below more details.


Haloview MC5111 wireless system comes with 5 inches digital monitor, no flickering and interference for vehicles under 60ft. For instance, one client called as Love Your RV, length of his vehicle-trailer is 45ft, we get his reviews about MC5111, as follows:

Outside Packaging:

I  am satisfied with the packaging of Haloview, I ever received an express,  the outside packaging is protected well, it is quite pretty so that all products inside aren't damaged. Wow, their customer clients are really attentive.


Inside Packaging:

If you purchased one set of product, what you will get beyond you imagined as little cost. Category as following:

MC5111 Rear View Monitor

MC5111 Rear-View Camera (CA109)

Suction Cup Bracket

U-support Bracket

License Plate Bracket

BWM Connector Adapter

Furrion Power Adapter

Cigarette Lighter

Camera Conversion Cable

User Manual



It is very easy to install the monitor and camera, you only need to connect the power of your vehicle, for the monitor, cigarette lighter is able to help the power connection. but the voltage has to be 12V. For the camera, the vehicle lights have the ability to supply the source of power, you don't have to be anxious about the issue.


No matter how far away you go, like the desert, island and etc. the signal is not poor, the signal range is 984ft, and the screen is just fit to some vehicles, size of LCD  is 5", neither is too big or too small. What is more important, while you are at night, you could fire up IR-LEDs of the camera to make the safety improved. Sometimes, we would like to find and view the incident that has occurred, The monitor has the function of recording DVR, the same as our smartphone, you could insert into a micro SD  in the monitor to record these events. By observing the quality of the image, it performed well, level of definition is pleasing.


In a word, MC5111 is the one of the best choice, If you owned the MC5111, it is no doubt that you will experience a safe and impressing traveling.